ct medical malpractice lawyers

ct medical malpractice lawyers

If you or a loved one suspect a medical professional has committed malpractice, you undoubtedly should contact our experienced CT medical malpractice lawyers immediately.

Medical malpractice lawyers can protect patients from having to suffer the full consequences of their doctor’s mistake.  Naturally, when  seeking help from healthcare professionals, we expect safe treatment, accurate diagnoses, and quality care.  Clearly, sometimes that’s just not the case.  Misdiagnoses, inadequate care, and substandard treatment do occur, however, malpractice laws protect patients from these incidents.  If you believe you’ve faced any of these situations, you can contact a medical malpractice lawyer to help you understand the situation.

did my healthcare provider commit medical malpratice?

Generally, in order to prevail in a CT medical malpractice case, you must prove:

1.  The requisite standard of care for treatment

2.  A deviation from that standard of care

3.  A causal connection between the deviation and your claimed injury

The major point of contention for a medical malpractice case is whether the medical professional deviated from the standard of care. If you believe a medical professional has treated you below the expected standard, committed medical negligence, or caused you further harm from treatment, call us right away!

Importantly, not all medical mistakes constitute malpractice. Doctors are human, they’re expected to make some mistakes. Furthermore, medical malpractice extends beyond just doctors; nurses, pharmacists, and even hospitals can all be held accountable for malpractice. It is important to recognize the correct party at fault before contacting a CT medical malpractice lawyer and taking any legal action.

common forms of medical malpractice

Treatment Errors:

 Many doctors and nurses make mistakes when treating patients.  This includes situations where medication is improperly administered or a surgery actually makes a situation worse.  Patients aren’t guaranteed their medical issues will resolve after treatment.  However, if a situation is made worse by the mistakes of a medical professional, then the patient has a right to hold that provider accountable for their medical misconduct.

diagnosis Errors:

Medical malpractice includes situations where a doctor fails to act at all. When a patient visits a doctor complaining of certain problems, the medical professional must act appropriately to try to determine the underlying medical issue. Yet, sometimes doctors fail to diagnose a condition, or misdiagnose the condition. All of these may be examples of medical malpractice.

cosent issues:

The law requires that patients have adequate information about their treatment options and to consent to said treatment. Medical malpractice may occur in violation of this requirement in one of two ways. First, a doctor may act against a patient’s direct wishes. Second, a patient may not be made fully aware of the details of their treatment before agreeing to it.

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To speak with experienced CT Medical Malpractice lawyers, call us at 860-595-3163 or send us an email today.  Your consultation with us is FREE, and since we work on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case.  If you can’t come to us, we will come to you!

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