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The CDC estimates millions of people suffer injuries in slip and falls every year in the United States. While some result in little more than cuts and bruises, many slip and falls result in moderate or significant injury. Some of these accidents are the result of bad luck, inattention, or clumsiness. Nevertheless, a significant number of fall accidents are preventable.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident caused by another’s negligence, you may have the right to file a claim for your injuries. Attorney Twillie dedicates his practice to helping victims get the justice and help they need.

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Common Causes of Hartford Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many reasons why you may sustain an injury in a slip or fall accident:

  • Uneven Stairs
  • Lack of a handrail
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Debris on the floor
  • Cracked pavement
  • Ripped or torn carpet
  • Untreated snow or ice

Not all slip and fall accidents are due to negligence. So, it is important to have an attorney review the facts of your case in order to determine whether you have a claim. Other issues that may be relevant to your case include: whether you fell on commercial or private property, if you contributed to the accident, as well as others.

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Under Connecticut law, a property owner, landlord, or business can be held liable for slip and fall injuries if they fail to keep the premises safe for visitors or residents.

Connecticut's “ongoing storm” Doctrine that can protect owners or keepers of property in certain situations.

If someone slips during an ongoing storm, the property owner may not owe that person compensation.  In Connecticut, an owner or keeper is allowed adequate time to clear up any dangerous condition of the property.

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Following a slip or fall accident, you may miss time from work and have expensive medical bills.  If you’ve been injured in a fall on someone else’s property while you were entitled to be on that property, you’re probably eligible for compensation.   Allow Attorney Twillie to help make sure that the responsible parties are held accountable for the full amount to which you are entitled.

Is my injury serious enough for a slip and fall case?

In short, yes. If you sustain an injury while on someone else’s property, and you had the right to be there, then yes.

Pursuing any type of personal injury case, especially a slip and fall case, can be a challenging. As a result, it’s worth considering how serious your injuries are before deciding to go through with a slip and fall claim. Attempting to recover money from the property owner’s insurance company will be be difficult. If the insurance company decides not to pay for your losses, you’ll need to file a lawsuit. Therefore, before making a slip and fall claim, carefully consider whether the injury you received is worth the trouble. If you only have a few bruises or a scraped knee, it’s probably not worth pursuing. However, if you hit your head, tore something in your back, or broke a bone, then your injury is serious enough to consider pursuing.

Injuries Caused by a Slip and Fall

Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most serious type of injuries a person can sustain. According to the CDC, a majority of TBIs are caused by slip and fall injuries.  These injuries can be life changing.  When you suffer a head injury from a slip and fall, you must seek financial compensation for your medical care.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Oftentimes with slip and falls, a person tends to fall “flat on their back”.   The mechanism of the fall itself, coupled with contacting a hard surface, can lead to serious injury.  Thus, a bad fall can result in trauma to your spine and the compression of the nerves.  Disc herniation, spinal fractures, and nerve damage, are the most common injuries I see as a results of a slip and fall.  These are seriously painful and debilitating conditions that will likely cause the victim problems for a lifetime.

Shoulder Injuries

When a person falls, they often move their arm to “catch themselves”.  Often, it’s an involuntary reaction.  This may save the body from certain injury, but it can result in significant injury to the arm and shoulder.  This impact can cause a shoulder dislocation, tear of the tendons, or fracture to the bones in that area. Further, it may cause damage to the brachial plexus, a network of nerves that control your hands, arms, and shoulders.  Damaging these nerves can cause life-long injuries, affecting the way your hand and arm function.  If you’ve ever tried to live your life without one arm (perhaps while living with a cast or sling), you know how difficult this can be.

Hip Fractures

According to the CDC, more than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls. If a person slips and falls and fractures their hip, especially if they’re older, things can get worse, fast.  Such injuries can cause victims to be bedridden for long periods, which is bad news for the elderly.  A 2012 study supported by the National Institute on Aging shows elderly adults can lose significant muscle mass while in bed; recovering from hip surgery can take months.  Loss of muscle mass leads to several other negative medical conditions.  Needless to say, a fracture can be a much bigger deal than some assume.  In fact, one out of five hip fracture patients die within a year of their injury; this tragedy is an effect of being bedridden more than the from the fracture itself.


A fracture is a broken bone, and will require immediate medical attention.  When any bone is broken or muscles torn, there can be permanent damage that may affect the patient for a long time.  If someone loses feeling or control of a body part, or when a fracture causes infection, the results can be severe.

Strains and Sprains

A sprain is a stretching or tearing of ligaments.  Ligaments are the tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect bones together in your joints.

A strain is injury to a muscle or to the band of tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone.

Most often treatment consists of rest, ice, compression and elevation, commonly known as RICE.  Most mild sprains can be successfully treated at home.  Severe sprains, however, sometimes require surgery to repair the torn ligaments.

Is there a deadline for filing a Slip and Fall lawsuit?

Yes.  In Connecticut you have two (2) years from the date of injury to bring a slip and fall lawsuit

If you miss your deadline, you will not be able to recover for your losses. Contact me to find out why.

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