10 Common Mistakes Connecticut Residents Make After a Car Accident—And How to Avoid Them

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Being involved in a car accident is overwhelming and stressful. It’s easy to make mistakes in the aftermath of a crash, but some of those mistakes can be costly. If you’ve been in an accident, here are 10 common mistakes Connecticut residents make—and how to avoid them.

1. Failing to Call the Police – How to Ensure You Have an Accurate Record of What Happened

2. Not Seeking Medical Attention Immediately After a Crash – Learn About Symptoms That May Appear Later

3. Accepting Fault Right Away – Understand Your Rights and Responsibilities Before Making Any Statements

4. Not Documenting the Scene of the Accident – Take Photos and Collect Witness Accounts

5. Neglecting to Exchange Insurance Information with Other Drivers Involved in the Accident– Know What Information is Necessary for a Claim

6. Not Keeping Track of Expenses Related to Car Repair or Medical Treatment– Create a Log for All Relevant Costs Incurred as a Result of the Accident

7. Signing Documents Without Reading Them Carefully– Make Sure You Fully Understand Any Paperwork Before Agreeing to Anything

8. Settling Too Quickly with an Insurance Company– Consider Working With an Attorney Who Can Help Negotiate on Your Behalf

9. Trying To Handle Everything Yourself- Seek Professional Legal Advice When Dealing With Complex Cases

10. Ignoring Follow Up Appointments with Doctors – Stay Updated on Your Health Status Following An Accident

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