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Red Light Accident?

Red Light Accident?

If you have been involved in a red light car crash, getting compensated can become difficult.

I recently had a client who waited several weeks after her accident to contact us.  It was a busy intersection.  At night.  She claims she had a green light and so did the other person.

Care to guess what happened?  The other party’s insurance company has refused to pay a dime!  They claim our client is at fault.

Now if our client had contacted us sooner, we could have pulled video footage from the local corner store.  However, by the time we got involved, they had already lost the data.


If you’ve been involved in a red light accident, get a lawyer fast.  Especially if the other person is pointing the finger at you!  

The sooner your attorney investigates, the better for you.  Your property damage can get taken care of sooner as well as compensation for your injuries.

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