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Single Car Accident Leaving The Scene

Single Car Accident Insurance Claim Issues

Being involved in a single-car accident leaving the scene is stressful.  When involved in a single-car accident you may be wondering what to expect.  Frankly, your role in the accident, as well as the insurance company’s policy, can dictate how treated afterward.

Insurance Issues

First, if you don’t have insurance, you just might be out of luck.  IF however, you live in a home with someone (like a parent/spouse) that does have insurance, you might be able to bring a claim.  However, this is not likely. 

Second, if you do have insurance, different insurance companies have different contracts regarding their obligations. They will pay, however, they might make you jump through a ton of hoops before doing so.

Finally, again, depending upon your insurance contract terms, you may be forced to get your vehicle repaired at a facility of their choosing. 

Liability Issues

If a hit-and-run driver caused your single car accident, get a lawyer fast!  Your insurance company might think you are lying and that the accident was your fault. 

Oftentimes insurance companies will deploy special investigators to find camera footage and interrogate you.  All in the hopes of getting some type of information that will allow them to deny your claim.

This can get messy.  And most people don’t know that their insurance company has special obligations and duties to their insureds (you).  If you don’t know this, the insurance companies can take advantage of the situation. 

The Takeaway

When involved in a single-car accident leaving the scene you should, unquestionably, get professional help.  Single-car accident claims can be tricky.  Insurance companies don’t want to get taken advantage of and are often difficult to work with on these types of claims.

The best advice for you would be to contact a lawyer for a free consultation to understand your rights. 

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