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Grumpy Dog Attack

When Grumpy Dogs Attack

Its practically summertime and our office has already received a ton of calls regarding dog bites. One we received earlier this week was particularly disturbing.

The owners apparently knew they needed help with their dog.  According to the victim the dog was known to “nip”.  Unfortunately, this time the dog’s “nipping” escalated.

The Attack

The victim knocked on the door and as soon as the owner opened door; the grumpy dog attacked. 

It bit the victim mid thigh leaving deep puncture wounds.  The dog let go and then latched on again.  After a struggle, the grumpy dog went for the victims ankle, shredding it.

The victim was left in shock, bleeding profusely from at least three (3) separate bites.

The Law

In Connecticut, an owner or keeper of a dog is held strictly liable for the damage a dog does.  Put differently, the victim does NOT have to prove you were negligent, or knew that the dog might bite.  The victim only has to prove that the dog in fact DID cause damage.

To learn more about Connecticut’s Strict Liability Dog Bite Statute, you can click here

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The Takeaway

If you own a dog and own your own home; you need to have coverage under you homeowner’s insurance policy.

If you are a renter and own a dog, get renters insurance coverage for your dog.  Oftentimes you can find coverage for less than $20/month. 

The last thing you want to have happen is your dog injure someone, leaving you on the hook for their medical bills and damages.

If you have questions about dog attacks or what might happen afterwards, give us a call or text at 860-595-3163.

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